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Frequently Asked Questions

+1. How much space do I need for my tent?

You will need at least 5 feet (7 ft for the larger tents) around the perimeter of your tent for staking. So, if you have a 20x30 tent booked, you will need to plan for at least a 30x40 area . Stakes can go into flowerbeds, etc. but not into decks or patios.

+2. Do I need to get a building permit?

Each municipality handles this differently so we ask that you check in with your municipal office to be sure. If so, this will cost around $100 and you will need a copy of the engineered tent drawing – which we would be happy to send to you.

+3. Do I need to get underground locates done?

Yes. This is a free service and can be done by clicking on This should be booked one month ahead of setup date to be completed the week before. We ask that the customer have this done so you are available to meet with the locators and discuss where the tent will be setup. Now that many towns have fibre optic, gas and hydro service underground, it is very important to have your lawn marked to keep our crews safe.

+4. What does the price of the tent include?

All of our tent pricing includes grass setup, teardown and sidewalls . And of course, our outstanding customer service!

+5. My tent is not going on grass. Is that a problem?

Asphalt or hard packed gravel surfaces are not a problem for our experienced crew, but a small surcharge will apply as the stakes will need to be drilled. Understand – holes will be drilled into any asphalt surfaces. We do not use cement blocks for anchors.

+6. Does the tent come with lighting?

The tent price does not include lighting. We do rent globe lights for our tents and they are pictured on our Accessories page.

+7. My lawn is not completely flat. Is that a problem?

This is not a problem for setup, although, you may get a droop or two in the tent top depending on the variation. Think more about the comfort of your guests. Will the rough or hilly surface be a problem for walking?

+8. My septic system is where the tent will be installed. What do I need to know?

Generally, your septic system is installed below the frost line which is more than 3ft deep. Our stakes go in about 3ft. If you are concerned, we would recommend that the lines be marked and our crew can avoid the exact runs when staking.

Some folks are concerned about the big delivery trucks. We only use pickup trucks and trailers for delivery so you don’t need to worry about a big cargo truck weighing down on your yard and septic system.

+9. I have rented the dinnerware. Do we need to wash it all before it is returned?

Heck no!! We don’t even want you to rinse it. All we ask is that you or your caterer scrape all excess food from the plates and return in the buckets provided. We ask that all glasses be emptied and returned upright in the appropriate boxes. We do ask, if this is in a tent, you would place the cardboard boxes on a table so they don’t soak up the moisture from the ground before we get there for pickup.

+10. I have linens rented. Do we need to clean them before they are returned?

Heck no!! The clean linens come in linen bags and all you need to do is stuff them back in those bags- ready to go to the cleaners. We do ask, if this is in a tent, you would place them on a table so they don’t soak up the moisture from the ground before we get there for pickup.

+11. When do you setup the tent? And when do you take down the tent?

If you have a regular weekend rental, we generally setup a couple days ahead – leaving you time to setup and get ready for the party. Teardown is generally on the following Monday. This is all weather dependent, of course.

+12. Does your crew setup the tables and chairs?

We do not setup up the tables and chairs. Your rental items are delivered to the ground floor/tent. You can then setup everything as you have pictured it. We ask that on clean up, you return everything as it was dropped off, that is, chairs stacked, tables folded, etc. That is always appreciated by the crews.

+13. Do I need to be there to meet your crew for delivery?

It is always best to arrange your week to meet the crew for installation. This gives you the opportunity to tell them exactly where the tent goes, where you would like the sidewalls installed, if you would like the lighting installed by them, and where you would like the dance floor installed. If you are not there, we may not have time to come back that day to rectify any changes that you would like completed.

+14. Do I need to be there to meet your crew for teardown?

It is not necessary to be available for teardown as long as everything is left under the tent as it was delivered.

+15. When is final payment due?

Final payment is due before the time of service, so , before the tent goes up, before the items are delivered or before the items are picked up at our facility. We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer as forms of payment.

+16. I have rental items booked and would like to pick them up and return them. How does that work?

Everything is usually ready to go by Wednesday of that week. Pickup can be arranged any time after that by contacting the office. Returns need to be back by Monday at noon so we can get things cleaned up and ready to go for the next week.